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In recent years, the skylight industry has been revolutionized. When it comes to commercial skylight installation, the sky is the limit. At All Pro Remodeling, we offer skylights in an abundance of different styles. Our products are designed to hold up against any weather condition, no matter how harsh. By relying on natural light, you are doing a lot of good for the environment. Artificial light plays a large role in the world’s energy consumption. In commercial buildings, it can account for nearly half of the building’s total energy use. By installing commercial skylights, you can greatly reduce your energy costs, while helping the environment at the same time.

Along with its environmental and financial benefits, a commercial skylight installation can also provide psychological well-being. When the winter months roll in, worker productivity can suffer due to the dark, cold days and ensuing depression. Natural light has been shown to increase feelings of well-being, and keep the winter blues at bay. Happier employees translate to a higher quality in the work they produce.

In one study, a company in California found that worker productivity increased by 15% after the introduction of skylights in the offices. In research conducted on retail commercial buildings, it was documented that skylights had a positive effect on consumers and contributed to an overall increase in sales. Both in the work and retail environment, an investment in skylights yields ample returns.

If you want to increase worker productivity, reduce your energy consumption, cut costs and keep seasonal depression at bay, a commercial skylight installation is the way to go.

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Commercial Skylights NJ | Office Skylight Installation NJ - Image

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